Sound of the Universe OM “Aum”


Aum is considered the “sound of the universe“. Aum is the first sound of the universe. It is formed by the vibrations of cosmic energy which forms the entire universe. It represents the manufacturer. When you chant the Aum mantra, you can feel the vibration by which you can balance the energy of your body with the energy of the universe.
Stress and excess is the poison of our modern society. And when you meditate on Aum, all your illusions and internal disturbances disappear.

Aum Mantra has some amazing benefits. Read on to know:

Reduce stress:

Chanting Aum helps to reduce adrenal levels, a natural stimulant produced in the renal adrenal gland, medical studies have found that chanting Aum with concentration enables you to lower adrenaline levels which in turn helps reduce stress levels. It helps in regulation of blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the body.

Improves our focus and concentration:

When we focus on our breath while chanting Aum Mantra, our mind is free from outside worries. When you practice chanting Aum regularly, you will see that it improves your concentration and focus.

Detoxifies your body:

When you take deep breaths while chanting Aum, this process improves blood circulation and oxidation of blood in our body. Which helps you eliminate the toxins present in your body.

Positive vibration:

Chanting Aum Mantra purifies the environment around you and produces positive vibrations.

Gives strength to  spinal cord:

While chanting the Aum Mantra, the vibrations produced by the sound of ‘Aaaa’ strengthen your spine. When chanting Aum Mantra, the sound of ‘Aaaa’ starts at the stomach, this helps strengthen the spinal cord and its supporting muscles.

Improve thyroid gland function:

The sound is produced by the ‘uuuu’ vocal cords that improve thyroid gland function and throat.

Improves brain function:

While chanting the Aum Mantra, the vibration that is produced by the utterance of ‘mmmmm’ improves our brain’s function.

Improves your sleep:

The vibrations that occur while chanting Aum before sleeping reduce the tension of the brain muscles, which calms your mind and allows you to enjoy deep sleep. It is very important for our body to get good sleep after running and tired all day.

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