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Cooking Oil is an important element of our daily needs. Selecting the best quality cooking Oil along with the goodness of nature can benefit your overall health and enhance the taste of your food. Groundnut Oil is widely used for cooking in India and specially in Gujarat.

Groundnut Oil also known as Peanut Oil is popular in edible Oils as peanuts are loaded with lots of nutrients. Satvic Nutriments provide 100% pure Groundnut Oil with it's incredible health benefits and perfect taste to embrace a wholesome and natural lifestyle.

Groundnut Oil that is extracted from best quality peanuts is a healthier choice for daily cooking. Our Oil has a mild and nutty flavour, ideal for all types of food and it has a high smoke point which is perfect for deep frying.

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Satvic Values

Our unique and gentle process of extracting the Oil at low temperature heat, preserving the essential nutrients and anti oxidants in Oil. In addition to it's health benefits, Satvic Groundnut Oil has a unique nutty flavour and aroma that makes it an ideal choice for cooking, frying and baking.

A mild, nutty flavour and gentle aroma that makes it a popular choice for cooking, deep frying and sautéing.

  • Natural

    From selecting raw peanuts to packaging, we take superior care during the entire process. Our traditional methods of extracting Oil helps preserve the natural taste and aroma. We perform advanced tech-based quality checks.

  • Pure

    Satvic Groundnut Oil is purely a Groundnut Oil produced from the best quality peanuts. It is free from any added flavour or preservatives. A mild and nutty flavour of peanuts and a gentle aroma are locked to add flavours in your food.

  • Healthy

    Satvic Groundnut Oil contains monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are beneficial for heart health, and also helps to maintain sugar levels. Satvic Groundnut Oil contains several vitamins and antioxidants.

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Hiren Soni

After trying several brands, settled for Satvic Nutriments. When frying like poori, the whole house just fills with an aroma so fresh it is magical! The oil does not froth easily and you actually need less oil to cook. It goes to show high quality production.